Markedness is a special kind of asymmetry where marked and unmarked terms exist. In the social sciences more broadly, markedness is used to distinguish two meanings of the same term, where one is common usage (unmarked sense) and the other is specialized to a cultural context (marked sense). So, we start with unmarked traditional techniques, unmarked classic designs, unmarked trends, to mark them with our own inspiration, developing new materials, and combining them with traditional techniques.

The production process for each pair of shoes or boots requires more than 200 steps and two days of intense labor from the hands of the best craftsmen. These are a few of the steps:


Leather selection


Cohwide leather lining


Hand stitching the vamp

The leather insole

Mounting upper to the last

Wiring the upper to the insole

The shoes, drying

Removing excess leather

This piece adds support to your foot

Leather midsoles

The Goodyear Welt machine

Traditional tools

Hammering the midosle

Preparing for sole

Preparing the Landis for stitching

The Landis machine

Finishing tools

Preparing the crepe sole

Removing excess sole

Removing the last

A finished pair